Yakov Manshin

What’s New in Swift 5.10, Xcode 15.3 & iOS 17.4

The Last Milestone Before Swift 6

Swift 5.10 is out, and it’s safe to say this version is all about concurrency. With new checks and optimizations, Swift concurrency is now even more efficient at preventing data races and ensuring a smooth user experience. Though it’s only a theory, I believe this emphasis on concurrency is not accidental.

Another thing to keep in mind is, Swift 5.10 is the last milestone before Swift 6, the language’s first major release in five years. In this video, I’m having a quick look at one of the most wished-for improvements in the language—typed errors in throwing functions.

Finally, not only is Swift getting an update this week, but also Xcode and iOS. While changes in Xcode are hard to notice (which is a good thing), I wouldn’t say the same about iOS.